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Authors Instructions

What we do
1. We do only critical changes in this proofread (Author name errors/ Affiliation / Email details only will be updated).
2. Minor Language and Grammar Errors in the content.

What we don’t do
1. New Author Adding/Removing.
2. Major Text/Images/ Reference corrections
3. New Page Adding/Removing

Last date for Proofread : 30.03.2024

ICACCS 2024 - E - Proofread Correction System

Any queries kindly contact icaccs@sece.ac.in

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1. All the accepted papers will be processed to the publication after the post conference process, The publisher decision is the final.

2.The Publisher reserves the right to exclude any papers from the Work if in its opinion, or those of its advisers,
any papers are considered inappropriate for publication by the Publisher.

3. The Author(s) is sole responsible for any work quality issues/citation/ self-citation issues/ mismatched content issues/review and revision process delays/
not responding for review comments/ copyright issues/ copyright and proofread response delays during submission/review/revision/proofreading
related issues and rejection from the organizers/ publishers. There is no registration payment will be refunded in any stage of the conference pre/post process.

4. All the accepted and registered papers in the Work must already have been checked by the authors and be in final form ready for publication.
If any Unwanted contents/ Change of contents/ Mismatched errors/ Reference corrections/ Title Change during camera ready submission/ type setting errors in the papers,
the Organizers/Editors are not responsible for the same.